Our Management Team

Dennis Mehiel - Founder and Chairman
Dennis D Mehiel - Chief Executive Officer
Rich Lott - EVP of Operations
Carl Tinsley - EVP Sales & Diversity
Lawrence Jenick - VP of Manufacturing
Pat Fox - National Account Manager
Jared Martin - Director of Finance and Administration



Dennis Mehiel
Founder and Chairman

Dennis is the Founder and Chairman of the Four M Family of Businesses. Over the past several decades, Dennis has been a pioneer and leader in the corrugated packaging industry. He started Four M in the early 1960s with manufacturing partitions for the large consumer products manufacturers. Soon thereafter, Dennis started to expand his business into corrugated boxes and paper mills through a series of acquisitions and Tanfield expansions. Four M became Box USA and at the time of its sale to International Paper in 2004, Box USA was the largest independent corrugated packaging manufacturer in the United States. After the sale of Box USA, Dennis continued in the corrugated packaging industry through the building and growing of U.S. Corrugated which through a series of transactions were sold to Kapstone, Westrock, and Bio Pappel. Chances are that many of the box plants that manufacture corrugated boxes today were probably once owned, built, purchased, or operated by Dennis Mehiel. Today, Dennis is bringing the same entrepreneurial spirit and energy to the corrugated packaging industry through the Four 4 Family of Businesses.

Dennis D Mehiel
President and Chief Executive Officer

As President and CEO, Dennis Dorian has complete day-to-day operating responsibility for all businesses under the 4MCO umbrella. A lifer in the business, Dennis started out by working on machines in Box USA factories during Summers in high school and college. He learned the business from the ground up, working in Customer Service, Shipping and Receiving, Scheduling, Operations and Sales before moving into General Management in Box USA facilities before that business was sold to International Paper. Dennis served as President and CEO of US Corrugated prior to the sale of a majority of that business to Kapstone, and is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Fibre Box Association.

Rich Lott
EVP of Operations

Rich is 4MCO’s Executive Vice President of Operations. In this role, Rich is responsible for the day-to-day operations of 4MCO’s member businesses, including Delmarva Corrugated Packaging and Kampack. Rich has thirty years experience and progressive responsibility in corrugated packaging. Working his way up from the manufacturing floor to building and starting up no less than six state-of-the-art corrugated packaging facilities, Rich directs all aspects of the operations and works closely with plant management to deliver exceptional customer experience. Prior to this role, Rich was a key leader pushing U.S. Corrugated’s growth and expansion through building new factories, integrating acquired businesses, and driving manufacturing excellence across the business.

Carl Tinsley
EVP Sales & Diversity

Carl is National Packaging Group’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Diversity. Carl is responsible for the sales of the organization nationally. The approach to sales based on value proposition and customer intimacy has resulted in continuous growth and full utilization of the next generation of equipment found in our facilities. He is proud to lead the organization in the important direction of inclusion. Our workforce and supplying partners mirror the demographics of the metro and suburban communities we serve. It is not surprising that he maintains a focus on problem solving and cost savings, having managed engineering and lean manufacturing disciplines for Sara-Lee, Coca-Cola, General Motors, KapStone Container Corporation, Georgia Pacific, U.S. Corrugated, and International Papers. Carl is a native of Saginaw, Michigan. He attended General Motors Institute and Western Michigan University. He currently resides in Fayetteville GA with his family.

Lawrence Jenick
VP of Manufacturing

Lawrence is 4MCO’s Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing. Lawrence is responsible for all capital projects and support operations of 4MCO’s businesses, including Delmarva Corrugated Packaging and Kampack. Lawrence also works closely with our plant's management teams to drive operational excellence, including maintenance and production efficiency programs. Lawrence has over 22 years in corrugated industry experience on the manufacturing floor. He started his corrugated career at Smurfit -Stone as maintenance manager and was part of various traveling corporate Six Sigma and Operational Excellence teams implementing step change and profitability. Lawrence moved to US Corrugated in 2012 and led growth and expansion by building new factories, executing capital projects, and driving manufacturing excellence within the organization.

Pat Fox
National Account Manager

Patrick Fox is 4MCO’s Strategic Accounts Manager. In this role, Pat works closely with the EVP Corporate Sales to target, develop, and maintain businesses that fit our geographic footprint as well as our overall strategy. Pat brings over 30 years of corrugated experience to 4MCO. He started his career working within the integrated arena and has held several positions from machine operator to Quality Manager to Plant Manager. Prior to this role, Pat was Director of National Accounts for a small integrated and was an integral part of expanding their National Account platform and providing a customer base for new facilities.

Jared Martin
Director of Finance and Administration

Jared is 4MCO’s Director of Finance and Administration. Joining the team in 2023, Jared has oversight and responsibility for all treasury, financial management and reporting functions and personnel across the 4MCO operating companies. After beginning his career as an accountant at US Display Group, he spent ten years in positions of increasing responsibility within publicly held companies, culminating in his role as a Regional Vice President and CFO for one of the world’s largest and most successful food service distribution businesses.